Pentru ca suntem dedicati segmentului video/live si nu numai, consideram ca videografia are la baza 90% comunicare și 10% experienta.

Platforma eVideo iti va pune la dispozitie sute de clipuri si live-uri care te vor tine la curent cu tot ce ai nevoie si te va destinde cu live-urile hazlii.

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Highway accident at 320 km per hour with an Audi R8. The driver filmed while driving, then it became dust (VIDEO)

The driver of an Audi R8 shot a few moments before making an accident in which he lost his life. The man drove over 320 kilometers per hour on the highway. The man is filming while doing many risky overtakes, even on the emergency lane. At one point, however, he entered the guardrail by car and both he and the passenger on the right died as a result of the impact.

Aug 4