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VIDEO REPORT: McGregor Knocked Out by Pro Boxer in Sparring For Mayweather!

Currently training for their big money fight on August 26, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are putting in work. Earlier this week it was the press conferences, but now the real work in the gym will ramp up.

Having never fought in the pro boxing world, many fans feel that McGregor is fighting an uphill battle. Mayweather, arguably the most technical practitioner in the modern game, is being widely picked for a dominant win.

Since being booked to box ‘Money,’ McGregor’s boxing has been put under the microscope.

Ex-lightweight and welterweight world champion Jesse Vargas gave a surprise interview this weekend. Speaking to Villainfy Media, Vargas claims that McGregor has already been KO’d in sparring for Mayweather. Vargas first discussed the MayMac world tour:

After the first one I lost track of it, it was just so annoying. It was the same thing over and over again, they just overdid it. I guess that’s what the fans want to see, it was insane, though. There was just too much trash talking, and there were too many bad words.

I just got tired of it, but I’m looking forward to seeing Floyd get the victory by knockout. Conor is going to get knocked out. Floyd always lives up to the hype, I have no doubt about that, Floyd will get the victory. I actually wanna put some money on it, you know, Conor has like 1% chance of winning.

5 days ago