Pentru ca suntem dedicati segmentului video/live si nu numai, consideram ca videografia are la baza 90% comunicare și 10% experienta.

Platforma eVideo iti va pune la dispozitie sute de clipuri si live-uri care te vor tine la curent cu tot ce ai nevoie si te va destinde cu live-urile hazlii.

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BREAKING NEWS - VIDEO! Two girls from New York died few moments ago broadcasting the death LIVE on FACEBOOK! Attention images with strong emotional impact!

Lately there have been more and more cases of people who have lost their lives online on Facebook or Instagram. As a result, the largest social network has decided to hire 3,000 people to delete such videos shortly after their appearance.

"If we want to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly," says Mark Zuckerberg.

"We are working to take action more quickly to be able to respond quickly when someone needs help," added the founder of Facebook.

5 days ago